lemonWriters, 27th March, 2019

did you ever wonder how someone manage to live or hang out with any person he/she met with? hope you also wish to be like that person, am sure sometimes there are situations we do not want to talk to strangers and sometime we do not feel comfortable in front of strangers, that’s normal and human

take an example your out with group of friends from the church, college campus are just friends and your completely in a place you do not know any other person more than those friends of yours, you may say Ahh! I don’t like that kind of arrangement, why should I be in a place full of strangers?

but my friend that’s life!!, and we are all want to live the best out of it, time is very short and we got a lot of stuffs to do around here.

mother life ain’t mom, she gives us what sometimes we do not wish.

so my friend your out and discover you know no one more that those friends of yours your bored and little bit crazy, whaat they all enjoy and am the lost one?

relax my friend take actions but do it smart. you see I like you my friend and I don’t want you to be a lost boy/girl in a club or party.

Number One’ be CONFIDENT, yes you hear this a lot of time be confident as possible, boys and girl both like to be around confident peoples, so be the one my friend.

secondly have a PURPOSE, kind of a new thing to you?, have purpose!? are you kidding?, no my friend am not kidding those a teenage stuffs, am damn serious about this boys you should have purpose wherever you are, have a purpose talk with purpose,walk with purpose and drink or eat with the purpose, and you will attract others to be around you and if you what to be around someone it will be easy too as they already saw you a wish to be around and now you talk with them, SEE!

another is have RESPECT, gentlemen have respect the same to ladies they also have respect, respect everyone whether you know them or not, boys never call a lady Bitch! sorry ladies. that wont help

lastly be HAPPY as possible, that the secret and it should be the number one but I put it at the end to let you notice that all this wont work if am not happy, so guys be happy as possible, next time I will write about how to be as happy as possible in any circumstances.

till next time guys am your friend from lemonWriters



lemonWriters, 12th March,2019

Today moms and dads spend more time with their Smartphone that their babies. Moms and dads are the company of a child especial a new baby girl or boy, think about this you’re an eight month baby whatever boy or girl and your mom and dad are busy with their smart phones chat with some strange people who you do not even saw them!
Sound boring, isn’t it?

This is or I can say will be the life of the coming generation the generation of smart phone moms and dads, it terrible to think about it and we I say we as I talk to you future mom or dad of tomorrow. Oh! I forgot you the mom and dad of Smartphone(s)
Boring but boring will not make this truth invalid!.

Studies show that, moms on Smartphone(s) have children who are more negative and less resilient. Children feel unimportant and have to compete with Smartphone(s) for their parents’ attention.
Did you want your lovely baby boy or girl to be or be one of these millions of children who wish that at least their parents cared about their emotions and existence? Probably your answer will be ‘of course NO’ then why shouldn’t you turn that Smartphone OFF?

Well you will say ‘if I turn this Smartphone off I will not be able to read about people like you’, (pretty clever ah!). However, being clever does not make it RIGHT. Our baby boys and girls need our time more than our time in Smartphone(s)
For generation moms and dad being providers for their baby’s joy and protection but recently the rate of child abuse and violence raise to nearly 50 percent of all form of violation, we hear news reported every day about a child who kills him or herself after a long time of loneliness and feeling of being rejected. We will be able to end up all this if we decide today to do not be Smartphone moms and dads

Smartphone(s) are nice and helpful but they will be useful only if we will be able to use them in a useful manner, we should not let them control us. If our in whatsApp, Instagram, or your favorite fashion and diet website you should also remember that there is a poor little boy or girl seat besides you watching you smile at the Smartphone, laugh or doing those strange gestures he or she did not even saw or remember day you make them to him or her, that’s real bad.
From today let us think are we want to be Smartphone moms and dads or Moms and dads of future moms and dads, moms and dads of future well mannered citizens of the nations and people of the world or we just want to be called mom or dads of Smartphone(s).

Isn’t easy to live without look at what’s going on in your favorite whatsApp group after hearing a notification sound and saw a notification pop up on your screen, but the next time before you open that message look around and see how that baby looks at you.
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Thanks dear moms and dads of a well-mannered human beings of this world.


lemonWriters, 09th March, 2019

You have a friend in Tanzania, maybe a tour guide or just a friend you met during your tour trip in Tanzania or you two get to know each other through internet, it’s all good. Yeah, it’s good to have friends around the world isn’t?

You two think about starting an NGO,  Non Governmental Organization maybe for the purpose of helping those street children who are everywhere in many Tanzania cities and towns. Well it’s a good idea helping those in need, but did you know that your partner in mission might have a different goal?

Many European and American tourist  face this challenge,  terrible and worse experience for one with the aim of helping those in need  to ever experienced in this world. I point tourists primarily because are the majority who came here in Tanzania and in saw those vulnerable children, women in needs and many opportunities for starting NGOs, (don’t worry my next article will provide you with NGOs opportunities  in Tanzania, promise).

But how can you achieve your mission without having this challenge, we all know that leaning isn’t a bad thing if applied, here we go I will provide you with this 5 important tips before put your money and donations to fund an NGO in Tanzania.

  • Make a right choice of partner in business

How can you choose a right partner?, well it’s not a simple or hard task to identify a right partner in this business. Make sure you ask him or her about his or her background in relation to what you two think of dealing with. Ask questions like, how you get to know about street children?, do you ever experience child abuse or humiliation?, asking questions like that will help you to know the motives of your partner the move to the second step

  • DO NOT send fund first, I repeat DO NOT!

This is a problem with many of you, you think all of people are honest and kind, tell you the truth most of Africans are not honest when it’s come to money that’s why there is high rate of corruption in the continent. You may think, what can I do? Right, you have to wait until the NGO is registered by your partner in business let him or her firstly use her or his fund.

  • Request for a certified copy of certificate of incorporation

After registration or maybe you want to join an NGO which is already exist please request for a certified copy of incorporation it will help you to be sure that this entity exist and it will be easy for you to find information to the authorities.

  • Met with your partner in business

Although you’re sure that the NGO is legally exist, DO NOT! Send any donation first, you have to met with your partner in business. Make an arrangement, visit the offices as all NGOs should have offices in Tanzania, request previous project reports and if it’s deal with maybe street children met those who benefit from the NGO and learn from them.

  •  Make it legal

After all steps and your now satisfied, make it legal find a lawyer or request for legal agreement from your partner in business. This is important for you it will help you make sure that the entire fund you contribute it’s well utilized. Sometime it will help you have authority in NGO structure.

Bonus Tip.

Join an existing NGO before think of starting one.

Hope those tips will help you from being a new victim in this NGO business in Tanzania.

Ok! Good luck in your project, see you next time.